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MyCalyx is an online portal that allows you to purchase and/or administer your Calyx account 24-7. This means you can use to download the current version of Point and PointCentral as well as manage your online accounts (such as add seats, designate users, etc.)

Once you have initiated your online account through, you no longer have to worry about receiving CD’s in the mail from Calyx or using CD’s to update Point on individual user computers. Everything happens electronically – distributing Point to individual computers from an installation e-mail or adding licenses for additional installations.

Please note: Point version 9.0 will not be shipped via CD. You must obtain a MyCalyx account in order to upgrade to Point version 9.0 with service pack 3, release date January 17, 2014. The sooner you convert your Point license to a MyCalyx account, the smoother the upgrade process will be.

If you have not converted your account to an online MyCalyx account yet - please call your sales representative at 800-362-2599 to facilitate your change today. Converting your account to MyCalyx is Free!


Common Articles

Upgrading Point
This article will show you how to upgrade Point to the latest release, Point 7.5. If Point version 7.5 is not available from your account, please contact the sales department at 800-362-2599.

Getting Started
This article will walk you through start to finish, from activating your MyCalyx account to sending the e-mail with the Point installation link.

Uninstalling Point
This article will guide you through the steps to remove Point that was installed from MyCalyx. Uninstalling Point will release the Point license on that computer so that you can install it on another.

Creating an Installation Setting
This article will help you create installation settings that will configure the installation of Point. An installation setting is recommended if you are distributing Point to several computers and accessing Point files from a centralized network or server.

Common Questions

What is a seat?
A seat is defined as each unique computer that Point is installed on or from which Point is accessed.

How many computers can I install the program on?
The Calyx Software License Agreement states that Point may be installed based on the number of seats that you purchased. Additional seats can be purchased at any time and in any quantity that you need.

Note: If you only have a one seat license, you can only install Point on one computer. You must purchase an additional seat for each computer you will install Point on.

Can I add seats to my license at any time?
Yes. You may order additional seats whenever you need them by contacting your sales representative at 800-362-2599. In the near future, you will be able to purchase additional seats by logging into your MyCalyx account.

Will a firewall interfere with the Point installation?
Yes, considering that Point is downloaded from an e-mail, a firewall may block Point from installing. You should disable the firewall or internet security application before attempting to download Point from the installation e-mail.

Do I need an internet connection to install Point?
Yes, Point will be downloaded from an installation e-mail. You must have access to the internet to check your e-mail and download the Point installation.

My computer crashed, how do I install Point on another computer?
Please view knowledge base article 0707 Uninstalling Point via MyCalyx.


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